About Robotic Relative Greeting Cards

Robotic Relative offers a growing number of greeting cards for all seasons and life experiences. Our cards are designed, printed and conceived in the United States (and sometimes Canada). Whenever possible, Robotic Relative uses paper stock and materials with the lowest possible environmental impact and prints its cards using soy-based inks.

Our Mission: To Keep handwritten letters alive. If you’re worried about wasting paper on an average card, don’t buy an average card, buy a Robotic Relative greeting card.

In addition, Robotic Relative likes a good cause, and donates some of its proceeds from card sales to the Surf Rider Foundation, and the American Cancer Society. We feel strongly that when people work together to make good things happen, those things are more likely to happen.

Please visit our website and contact us for any wholesale questions or comments.
Or email us directly at jess@roboticrelative.com

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